Welcome to Gola!

Gola Osteria is tucked inside the Historic Quarry Arms Building toward the bottom of South Quarry Street. We are about four blocks from the Ithaca Commons, east on Rt. 79, towards Cornell.

Follow S. Quarry St. down a little hill and veer to the left. You will recognize our building by the large, stone fish fountain out front.

We will buzz you in to enter the building through the front by the fountain.

In warm weather, you are also welcome to enter through our side entrance by the terrace. Continue along the right side of the building, past the open air parking spots and you will see the covered deck.

Map of Gola O Parking.jpg

Construction has finished on the Collegetown Terrace complex pictured directly in front of the Quarry Arms Building.

Detours and construction

There are no detours or construction that directly affect South Quarry Street at this time!